Luca's Staff Fund Appeal!​

Dearest Friends (aka Customers or Guests!)!


My heartfelt wishes of strength and fortitude to you all during this unprecedented time from all of us @lucas! We trust you are taking great care of yourselves and your Famiglia!


I established Luca’s on the 1st of May 1994 and, with God’s grace and your unwavering support, we have grown from 3 staff and 3 tables to almost 40 staff and well over 40 tables!


Per the government’s mandatory lockdown instructions, I closed the restaurant a day before the closure was imposed to ensure that all our staff could have time to travel home. All our staff received their full pay for March, and I put in place an application to the UIF relief fund of R3500/per staff member! 

To date, I have not received any confirmation of such payment but realise that the UIF will be inundated with applications. Sadly, this delay will affect our staff dramatically.


I view my staff as an asset to the business. I have made sure that all statutory payments are up to date, and each member has a life and disability policy in place, however that does not put food on the table and they are all concerned for their futures.


Luca’s is not allowed to trade, hence I have no income and I have exhausted reserves. My staff welfare is paramount to me, so I am appealing to you to consider donating to Luca’s Staff Relief Fund in whatever way you are able.

Some wonderful customers have already very kindly asked how and where they might contribute, so I have set up a new and separate bank account specifically for this fund, please see the attached details, to be administered with Luca’s accountants, and will only be used for helping my staff. I will make the accounts for this fund available to anyone who would like to know where their donation has gone.


For your kind generosity, I would like to offer a 10% value return on your donation to be redeemed at Luca’s after we reopen.


Lucas Staff Fund

Name: Borghini CC
Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: 018105
Acc.No: 023135352

Please use your name as a reference and send me your contact information


You may prefer to donate through the Zapper initiative instead, but this will go through our current account and be administered accordingly.


Kind Saluti & Grazie,

Luca Borella

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