Step 1.  click here to order the Lasagna or Canneloni from our "How to enjoy hot take-out, every time" menu.

Lasagna (Bolognese) or Canneloni (Ricotta Cheese & Spinach)  These baked pastas can be ordered WAY IN ADVANCE, collected when most convenient to you. Heat up for a deliciously hot dinner!​

How to have perfectly hot take-out every time 

Step 2.  Order the freshest house salad with it. This perfect combination from R194.00

House Salad, Mixed With Fresh Avo, Robiola Cheese & Our Secret Narcotic Dressing. Ordered in conveniently advance, goes in the fridge and serves PERFECTLY with your meal.​

Step 3.  Enjoy perfect take-out, every time! 

No more late meals and no more cold food! Enjoy delicious, fresh quality, every time.​

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