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Luca's Italian Restaurant, was established in 1994, and captures the essence of the Italian lifestyle –colourful and flavour-filled. We honour centuries old traditions essential to authentic Italian cuisine - simplicity and passion.


A grand wood-burning oven which uses specialised refractory brick and mortar, designed to deliver even heat throughout the dome, built single handedly by Guido, a perfectionist Italian artisan, delivers pizzas, pastas and other dishes in an authentic manner, that is certain to delight the gods! Slow-food specialities, including rabbit casserole served with polenta and the most unusual lamb, pot-roasted in coffee and apricots (Mamma Alma's recipe!), will have you coming back for more. Our comprehensive menu promises you the ultimate Italian food experience!

The extensive menu goes hand-in-hand with a collection of carefully selected fine South African and Italian wines to complement your choice of meal.

Winter months are made cosy with gas heaters and in the summer you can enjoy warm afternoon lunches and lingering evening dinners outside under magnificent London Plane trees.


Over years we have been given a few accolades that we are very proud of:

  • We have been voted the Best Italian Restaurant in the Best of Joburg awards;
  • We carry the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana seal of approval for restaurants that embrace the tradition of culinary excellence are considered genuine “Ambassadors of the ‘Italian palate’, and Italy’s rich culture.
  • We are the proud bearers of the Dinner Club Wine List Diamond Award 

Luca's Food Philosophy

We live to eat! We feel the value of life can be celebrated with food and wine but more importantly through sharing experiences and laughter with friends and family. Our restaurant is inspired by a home cooked feeling, where the kitchen is the heart of the home! A space in which anyone feels “Parte Della Famiglia”. As an example Veal Daniele, originates from making a dinner for a friend, Daniel, including all the ingredients that he was craving for at the time.

To build an authentic feeling we are always drawing inspiration from Italy, our family roots, and the raw produce which we make our dishes from.

We take pride in our menu and believe in supporting local farmers with sustainable farming practices, however we do make use of Italian ingredients to maintain authenticity and, as far as possible, ingredients are free range and definitely free from additives, colourants, hormones, GMO & MSG.

For example each cut of meat is carefully selected from grass fed livestock, then matured to perfection ensuring great flavour and tenderness.


We will not compromise on the quality of ingredients used!

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